Honesty and fairness are what makes families strong.

Honesty and fairness are what makes families strong.

Our Basic Values

We depend on the commitment of our employees.

Only through openness can we encourage employees to assume responsibility and identify and continuously implement improvements. The employees themselves ultimately know best what needs to be done. We encourage employees to avoid all forms of waste, such as reject rates or unnecessary waiting times during production. We create processes for continuous improvement and support the implementation of new ideas.

Our Industrial DNA

The BAVARIA operating system ensures improvements within the company.

The process of continuous improvement and transparency in terms of the figures are in our industrial DNA. Using the BAVARIA operating system helps the companies to identify potential cost reductions and performance enhancements and support the implementation of the measures considered necessary The BAVARIA operating system serves to anchor the constant drive for process improvements firmly within the company. The objective here is to determine cost and contribution margin targets for each process step and underpin them with three to five measures in each case.

Profitability as a Basis

Only investing for the long term creates secure employment.

Only profitable companies offer secure employment. Investing in research and development and industrial expertise is the only way to safeguard the future and enable growth. As a family holding company, our main interest lies in the development of our investments over the long term. In this context we attach particular importance to supporting young people, including by means of a high training quota.


Management assumes responsibility.

Once we have selected the best manager as managing director in each case, we grant total freedom. There are no excuses. However, we keep a keen eye on all investment decisions and monitor operating performance very closely so that we can react to any deviations in good time. Essentially, we allow our managers a free hand in terms of management methods; in doing so we rely entirely on their personal initiative and depend on managing directors who run the company as if it were their own. We also regard a high level of cost awareness and the constant drive for improvements as the most important success factors in good management.