BAVARIA Industries Group AG has a good business year 2015

  • Net profit for the period in the Group: EUR 29.7 million
  • Net earnings of operating companies: EUR 8.8 million
  • Net earnings of EUR 14.2 million in the Serial Production / Automotive business alone

The net earnings of our investments increased from EUR 5.1 million in the prior year to EUR 8.8 million in 2015. The biggest earnings contribution of EUR 14.2 million again came from the Serial Production business (prior year EUR 9.5 million). Consolidated earnings for the year as a whole were EUR 29.7 million (prior year EUR 6.4 million). The Group holding company contributed EUR 8.2 million (prior year EUR 0.2 million); EUR 16 million was from non-cash gains on deconsolidation and book profits.

The Group’s cash and cash equivalents including the holding company’s financial assets amounted to EUR 201.7 million at the end of the year (prior year EUR 167.0 million), of which EUR 55.2 million was invested in securities.

The total debt in the Group amounted to EUR 49.4 million (prior year EUR 31.6 million), so net funds including financial assets amounted to EUR 152.3 million. EUR 7.3 million was spent on share repurchases in 2015 (prior year EUR 3.8 million). 

In the Plant Engineering & Construction business, we generated profit of EUR 3 million (prior year EUR 0.6 million). In the Business Services business, the loss increased from EUR 6.3 million to EUR 8.4 million.

BAVARIA Industries Group AG is majority family-owned and therefore takes a long-term view when making investments. In conclusion, it should be pointed out that in the 2015 financial year, we again made donations for social causes of EUR 140,000.00. This includes a donation to the Against Malaria Foundation.

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