BAVARIA Industries Group closed the 2017 financial year on a positive note

• NAV per share increases by 1.6% to EUR 71 per share
• Acquired own shares for EUR 16.1 million
• Net assets in the Group reduced by EUR 14 million to EUR 361 million

Net assets in the Group ("NAV") decreased from EUR 375 million to EUR 361 million at the end of 2017. Share buybacks of EUR 16.1 million reduced cash, but increased the NAV per share by 1.6% to EUR 71. The value of cash and financial assets increased by EUR 186 million to EUR 326 million. The value of participations, on the other hand, decreased by EUR 200 million to EUR 35 million due to the sale of the TriStone and BBGS investments in 2017.

The majority of BAVARIA Industries Group AG is family-owned and therefore relies on a long-term horizon for its investments. Finally, it should be noted that we donated again in the 2017 financial year EUR 200.000 for social purposes for the German Vipassana Stiftung and the AMF Against Malaria Foundation.

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