Responsibility for society.

Responsibility for society.

Our Engagement

Avoid the unnecessary and secure jobs.

We would like to make a contribution to society. We make a contribution to the good of all by preserving and creating secure employment as well as through the taxes we are pleased to pay on our profits. We can provide a sense of purpose by avoiding excess, reducing waste of any kind and encouraging our employees only to carry out meaningful activities. At the same time, by encouraging every employee to assume responsibility we increase their level of satisfaction in the work they do.

By increasing BAVARIA’s assets (over 20% p.a. since the IPO) we offer our shareholders the scope to do something good with the profits. At the same time, we donate an increasing amount to social causes each financial year. We thus support the Against Malaria Foundation and the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI), for example.

Pro Bono

Organizations we support: