BAVARIA Industries Group AG increases earnings in financial year 2014

  • Group achieves a net income of EUR 6.4 million
  • Net profit of the operating companies rises to EUR 3.8 million
  • Net profits in Serial Production/Automotive EUR 9.5 million

The portfolio companies combined achieved a net result of EUR 3.8 million (versus loss of EUR 10.0 million in 2013). The strongest earning contributors were the Serial Production/Automotive companies with EUR 9.5 million (EUR 7.1 million in 2013). BAVARIA Holding contributed a net profit EUR 6.4 million.

Group cash and cash equivalents including financial assets of the holding company amounted to EUR 167.0 million, of which EUR 49.0 million were invested in financial assets.

The net financial assets stood at EUR 135.4 million including interest bearing liabilities of EUR 31.6 million. EUR 3.8 million were spent in 2014 on share buybacks.

In Plant Engineering & Construction, the companies managed to turn a small profit with EUR 0.6 million compared to a loss of EUR 1.2 million in the previous year. In the Business Services, the loss was reduced to EUR 6.3 million (EUR 16.0 million in 2013).

Overall, investments in tangible assets totalled EUR 81.1 million (versus EUR 43.2 million in 2013). EUR 18.4 million went into plant and equipment and EUR 50.2 million (EUR 17.9 million in 2013) were invested in financial instruments. In general, investments were again higher than the loss through depreciations, most notably in series production, where investments reached EUR 14.0 million, or 36.5% more than depreciation.

BAVARIA Industries Group AG is majority family-owned and consequently adopts a long-term focus in its investments. In 2014 we donated again for social purposes EUR 100,000.00, among others for AMF Against Malaria Foundation.

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